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Gas Stove & Fireplace Service

Unlike wood burning stoves, gas stoves & fireplaces do not generally need to have their flues or venting systems cleaned. A gas stove or fireplace that is used regularly through the heating season should be serviced annually.

What to expect when our technician performs your Gas Stove Service

  • Our technician will lay down clean tarps to protect your floors and carpets.
  • We will open the door, clean the glass and inspect the gaskets for proper seal.
  • Clean and vacuum the logs, firebox and valve and blower area below.
  • Brush and inspect the pilot assembly and burner and check for corrosion or wear of any kind.
  • Verify correct voltage where applicable.
  • Re-install glass and test burn stove or fireplace.
  • Test for gas leaks and verify operation of blower and thermostat if so equipped

For your convenience, our technicians carry a variety of frequently needed replacement parts and are prepared to complete most repairs during our initial visit.

What Dirty Job Can We Do For You?

Wood burning fireplace insert with glass door

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I burn safe and efficiently?

A: Start by using dry seasoned wood. Burning hot fires will significantly reduce the chance of excessive creosote build up. It’s not always possible or cost effective to continuously burn a hot fire. We recommend that you burn a  hot fire 3 or more times a week for at least ½ hour.

Contact A1 Stove Service to schedule a  safety check up and cleaning.

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Have more questions or concerns? Please contact us! We’re here to keep you safe and warm!

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