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Serving Nevada County for over 20 years!


What Dirty Job Can We Do For You?

Chimney Sweep

Removes soot, creosote, blockages, and other dirt and debris so that you can use your fireplace safely.

Gas Fireplace image

Gas Fireplace Service

Keeping your gas fireplace safe to use and ensure it keeps you warm when its cold.

pellet stove service

Pellet Stove Service

Keeping your your pellet stove functioning at its safest and maximum performance.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Regular cleaning out of lint and other obstructions increases the lifespan of your dryer.

Our Goal is Keeping you Safe and Warm.

Purchasing a new home with a gas/pellet stove or fireplace?

You may think that having a regular home inspection will cover everything, but not necessarily.

Call us to do a professional  fireplace/wood or pellet stove inspection. We make sure all the parts you see and can’t see are in good working order. 

Every A-1 Stoves & Chimney Service inspection makes sure that:

• Chimneys are free from harmful deposits and blockages

• Are structurally sound

• Comply with recommended clearance requirements

“Thank you for your kindness and consideration. They were very much appreciated.
– Evelyn D.

P.S. My cat Bucky thanks you too. He loves to lay by the fire.

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